Whisper the listening bear. 

If you are sad and lonely,

and if no one seems to care,

both day and night you'll find me,

i'm whisper the listening bear.


I will be your friend for always,

i will never let you down,

yes together we are smiling,

and i'll take away your frown.


I will listen to your problems,

and share with you your joy,

i hope in time you'll trust me,

i'll be your favourite toy.


In good times and in bad times,

i promise i'll be there,

in rain or storm or sunshine,

i am the listening bear.

 with four ears just to listen,

i will hear you loud and clear,

and a whispering voice of magic,

ill take away your fear.

 No matter what you tell me,

i am always on your side,

we can face this world together,

and never have to hide.

 so to all the children in this world,

not feeling safe and snug,

the listening bear will be there,

if you just need a hug.


Just need someone to talk to,

just need someone to care,

just need a happy ending,

i'm whisper the listening bear.


               BY T.L.WIGGAN.   10.5.2013. 

"Let's raise children who won't have to recover from their childhood." 

Pam Leo