Following extensive research, trials and testing on three to thirteen year olds, this unique resource was designed and created for: 

Play therapists - Child therapists - Family counselors - Child psychologists - Teachers

Suitable for working with individual children or in group sessions, Whisper the Listening Bear™ is not a toy, but is used to engage children during therapy sessions. 

Catherine M. Child Therapist and Family Counsellor – West Midlands quotes  

“Whisper the Listening Bear ™ is not only a quality resource, but also something that I can personally recommend as having produced excellent results in one of my cases.  The bear creates a realistic bond with the child and a strong interactive response as the third person within the session…. Click here for full testimonial

Whisper can be utilized in many ways:

Suitable to dress as a boy or girl in cases of sensitive issues.

Can be introduced with no ears.  The child then has the choice of selecting which ears it would like the bear to wear, according to how much they would like to tell him.

Creates a realistic bond with the child which helps achieve a strong interactive response as the third person within the session.

Has distractions, such as two pairs of ears, a case for his ears and favourite things, clothing, the book, the green sack he lives in.

Two year trials with Whisper the Listening Bear™ have been successful within child therapy during sexual abuse and bereavement cases.  Further success came within play therapy helping children to decrease internal conflict and develop fulfilling relationships.