As a result of the work we do we have had some wonderful testimonials.  Here are a few.

Christine B.  Reception Class/Special Needs Teacher and Foundation Manager - Coventry

“We are an inner city school with the accompanying problems of deprivation.  Many children are from families who are asylum seekers or refugees with little English and often with emotional difficulties.

Whisper The Listening Bear™ came to visit and took part in a storytelling session.  He was loved by the children, who all wanted to stroke and whisper to him.  Many of the children who do not have good communication skills found it easy to talk to a bear, who would not be critical or ask them to say something more clearly for  example.  A non critical friend who can listen is invaluable sometimes.  

When Whisper left he was a topic of conversation for the children for quite a while, even amongst the quieter children who are sometimes reluctant to talk”. 

Bradley W. Principle, Theatre Art School – Lutterworth 

Whisper The Listening Bear™ came to visit our five years olds, which created great excitement.  Whisper brought with him the three little bears  that appear in the story book too.  There was plenty of participation and interaction in a fun atmosphere, whilst still listening and learning.  

I have great pleasure in recommending Whisper The Listening Bear™.  It is a totally unique resource and would benefit any school. 

Penny W.  Consultant Teacher in Early Years & Inclusion – West Midlands 

“Whisper The Listening Bear™ comes with an intriguing, introductory book with its crisp and colourful photographs.  These resources and related ideas could be used in lots of situations, including early years settings, schools, special education and inclusion, health and social care services. 

Whisper The Listening Bear™ could support practitioners to deliver the personal, social and emotional curriculum or to provide therapy in a caring and creative format”. 

Catherine M.  Child Therapist and Family Counsellor – West Midlands 

“I was approached to trial Whisper the Listening Bear ™ as a new resource to use in my work with traumatised and abused children. 

An eight year old female with whom I had been working with for almost two years was chosen for this project.  The background was one of suspected male parent abuse, but the girl would never discuss issues through traditional child play therapy using puppets and life dolls had been tried to no avail. 

On this occasion Whisper was dressed in girls clothes.  The little girl chose the big ears for the bear to wear and she immediately began to give a detailed account of the abuse she had been subjected to by her father.  There was something about Whisper the Listening Bear ™ that made her feel at ease to do so, something we had not found via traditional tools of engagement.  Whisper seems almost real to the children and has an instant affinity with the child as being warm, friendly and “safe”. 

“Whisper the Listening Bear ™ is not only a quality resource, but also something that I can personally recommend as having produced excellent results in one of my cases.  The bear creates a realistic bond with the child and a strong interactive response as the third person within the session”. 

Claire Wilson PTUK Accredited Play Therapist

Review in PTUK Play For Life Magazine of Whisper The Listening Bear™ by Claire Wilson PTUK Accredited Play Therapist. To receive a PDF file with  full review please email