To arrange a school visit from Whisper The Listening Bear™ for one of your events or a classroom project please EMAIL your request outlining the details.

The classroom visits involve meeting Whisper The Listening Bear™, his creator Angela Burman plus the other characters from the book.  We read the story out loud to the group and encourage interaction with the children as Whisper sits amongst them.

Then there will be a guessing game involving Whisper's favourite things.

BENEFITS OF THE VISIT: Develops communication and social skills, Raises self-esteem, develops thinking skills and 0ffers the opportunity to experience a positive relationship with others in a relaxed and  fun way.

Encourages listening, looking, speaking, thinking and concentrating  


Quote from Christine B, reception class teacher in Coventry

  “Whisper The Listening Bear™ came to visit and took part in a story telling session.  He was loved by the children, who all wanted to stroke and whisper to him.  Many of the children who do not have good communication skills found it easy to talk to him because he was a non-critical friend who listened.  At the end they enjoyed talking about his removable ears and which ones would be their favourites".  To read full testimonial click here