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A major part of Whisper's work is as a practitioners resource for child care professionals who work with children through issues of bereavement, trauma and abuse to name just a few.  He is very much the third person in the room whom the children grow to love and trust.

He is totally unique because he has two pairs of ears.  He carries his special listening ears in a little suitcase and is always ready to listen and show the children his book, which is a resource in its own right.  

During the two year trials his size proved to be of huge importance.  He is 3'6 tall weighing 12lbs and creates a realistic bond with the child and a strong interactive response as the third person.


Part of our work, which Whisper and I adore is to visit children at different venues.  These could be hospitals, hospices, schools, clubs and all kinds of events.  Wherever we can help we try to be there.  


Whisper was created as a result of Angela's own childhood.

Aged four,  her mother's suicide rocked her world. Later on a seriously evil stepmother and the tragic death of her thirteen month old brother Michael shaped her early years.

All the while she was growing up she knew she would make a difference to children's lives, but didn't know how.

Her life experiences and the skills she learnt along the way, coupled with Michael's spirit guiding her, led to the birth of Whisper for the sole purpose of being a listening friend to children.

Angela aged five and Michael aged one